wedding day

or special event

is without doubt one of

the most blissful events in your life.  Modern

day technology has made it possible to forever

capture the essence of this magical day on

audio-visual products like DVD or Video.

If you want the magic of your “Big Day” to

stand the test of time, then look no

further than...

Take The pLungE Productions.



OTHER SERVICES             


School functions and concerts

Corporate Image / Advertisements


Other functions - events


Transfers from DVD and VHS

Birthday Parties

Graphic and Web Design


International Military Film

Festival - Italy - 2008

8 - 16 November 2008

1st Place - Educational/Training Category

“Plan and Prepare for Development of an Outcomes-Based Learning Programme”

Producer               Director               

Editor                    Sound

Graphics                Final Mix

“A picture is worth a thousand words”